12 March 2007

GCIH, SCNA and going dark for a while

Well, things have been rather interesting lately to say the least, I'll be sitting the SCNA exam next Tuesday, so I am going to be spending most of this week and next Monday studying for that one. At present though I'm studying for the first GCIH exam, which if all goes as well as I'm hoping I'll be sitting tomorrow night, so wish me luck. I've also recently invested in a nice shiny new 17" MacBook Pro, and yesterday the auction for my PowerBook finished, so I spent last night formatting it, and packaging it up. I sent it off to it's new home this morning. The only catch is though, that I Apple told me that I will probably only be getting my new MacBook Pro around the 24th-26th of this month, so that's going to leave me without a laptop for a couple of weeks. It's going to be damn weird, but I'm so excited about getting my new MBP! If any of the ISW guys are reading this post, please don't send me any encrypted mails, as I won't be able to read them until I get my new MBP, as I'll be using webmail to check my mail until then. Well, take it easy all.

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