23 March 2007

Web Application Auditing Over Lunch

Johanness Ulrich over at SANS has a really good quick howto on Web Application Security over at the SANS Institute, this really is a worthwhile read for anyone new to web application security, and provides a very good walkthrough at a high level of some of the steps that you should take when auditing web applications. Take a look: Web Application Auditing Over Lunch For a more in-depth view on Web application security audits, have a look at the OWASP Testing Guide. It's a long document, but it covers evrything that you're going to need to check. Mourn - Non-Stop Violence from the album "7" by Apoptygma Berzerk

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1 comment:

Jhon said...

Great to know about the Web Application Security at the SANS Institute, this is the real example of the need of the OSCP Certification course for security point of view.