22 March 2007

MacBook Pro 17" Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz

Well, it finally arrived yesterday, and since I got it I've been installing all the tools and programs that I need and want onto it. In regard to my aging G4 PowerBook 1.33 GHz, this little baby flies! Everything that I have done on it so far have been so much quicker, it's pretty scary to be honest, and it also makes me realize that even though I had my doubts about Apple's whole switch to Intel chips, it was definitely worthwhile. I must say though that now that I have a 17" screen I don't think that I could ever go back to a 15" again, also if anyone's curious the glossy display is so much better than the matte displays that I've seen. Everything is really clear and crisp. I read a lot of reviews about the glossy screen and they have all been really bad, and then I saw one at work, and decided that glossy was the way to go almost instantaneously. I must say that I was still a bit concerned about the glare and reflection that kept getting mentioned in the various forums that I read, but well, I've had no problems with it all. The one thing that really amazed me is the speed at which Fink compiles things on the MacBook Pro, it really is quick, to say the least. Also I had to pull down the SVN version of KisMac as the current stable build doesn't support the new Airport Extreme cards in the MacBook Pro's, but the SVN version works perfectly! I'll post more updates as and when I have them, take it easy all. Brain Bypass from the album "What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?" by Combichrist

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