07 May 2007

Passed SSP-DRAP (Defeating Rogue Access Points) With 100%

I just sat and passed the above exam, so I'm now going to spend the rest of the day relaxing. I was invited to become a SANS Stay Sharp Instructor, and this is the first course that I opted for teaching, I had to get over 85% though to be able to teach this one, seems that I managed that one okay though ;-) I'm not going to even try to schedule when I will be teaching this one until I get back from my holiday though, once I do though, I will post an update on here for anyone who's interested in attending it though. After going through the course ware myself, I can definitely say it'll be a fun and interesting course. The good thing about it as well though, is that I think that just about anyone could walk away with some added knowledge after attending it. I do plan on doing as many of the SANS Stay Sharp Courses as possible though, as this will put me in a better position to cater for different peoples training needs, and help me get the word out about SANS in the UK a bit more hopefully. SANS may be really huge in the US, but it seems that their UK presence is severely lacking, and I really want to do something about that. You can get more info on the SSP-DRAP course from the SANS site here. Silent Night, Bodom Night from the album "Hatebreeder" by Children Of Bodom

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