04 May 2007

Month Of .......Bugs

Okay, so there have been all sorts of Month Of security findings lately, but I really wish that people would ramp this up a little bit to the major vendors aside from Apple and Microsoft. I mean where are the Cisco, Sun and IBM bugs? I've been meaning to spend some time on Solaris 10 myself, but it would take more than just me to pull this one off (any takers?) Also, there has been a Month Of Myspace Bugs, but what about other social networking sites, or webmail sites? Also what about applications, like Citrix, Oracle, MS-SQL Server I know that a lot people have been complaining that the whole Month of thing is going a bit far, but it does seem to be waking up certain vendors quite a bit. Just my thoughts, that I'm probably going to get a load of criticism for, but hey. We're all after the same goal here, making the Internet more secure, the sooner we discover these bugs, the better off everyone will be.

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