02 May 2007

A Letter To Warner Chairman Edgar Bronfman

Ok, so as many of you will know I am really into Open Source, and freedom of information, and our rights as Human beings, and well, I love music as well. I've been against DRM from the onset, and doing as much as possible to put an end to it as well, the guys over at Defective By Design have been really doing a great job of getting the message out there as well, so go and visit their site and sign up, they do send out news e-mails every now and then, but it's certainly not spam. At the moment there is an letter to Warner's Chairman, Edgar Bronfman, and I'm really urging anyone reading this, to please go over and sign it. Both Apple and EMI have now committed to selling DRM free music, and Warner refuses to budge, I'm not saying that this letter will do the job, but it may help. You can read the letter and sign it here. C'mon people, do it for the music!

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