08 December 2006


So after spending what felt like a year working on on my paper for the GSEC Gold certification, I finally got it finished thanks to the great advisor that was working on it with me. I got an e-mail come through letting me know that my paper has been accepted, and that I passed!

So I went to go and check the SANS site to see if my paper had been added and well, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face for the whole day. My paper ended up in the honors section of the GIAC site!

If anyone's interested the paper's titled "Securing Apache on Mac OS X", it covers securing OS X, Apache, PHP, mod_security, and setting up SSL.

You can find it online here: Securing Apache on OS X

Other news is, that I found out that I can send photo's from my cell phone, right onto this blog, so that's pretty cool, and hence the reason that I am updating this blog again, and why there are pictures of our 2 cats as well.

I'm hoping to put a load more articles up here in the near future as well, but I've also got a load of studying to do as well, as this coming Wednesday I'm sitting the Solaris 10 certification exam, well part one anyway. So wish me luck.

Well, let's see how long this round of blogging lasts shall we?

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