13 August 2007

New Beast

Well, driving around in a sports car has been great for the last couple of years, but I decided that I wanted something that's, well a bit more me shall we say ;-)
This is my new baby, with all the mod-cons that I could ever ask for, it does need a bit of work doing to it, but hey, I'm really looking forward to it. Yeah I know, anyone who knows me probably will laugh at the thought of me working on a car, let alone getting all greasy and the like, but I'm actually really excited it.

It's got 3 monitors already built in, the only catch is that they're all hooked up to a DVD player at the moment, which would be great if we had kids, but as we don't, in time the DVD player will be getting replaced with a Mac Mini, and then I'll be adding an omi-directional antenna onto the roof as well. I'm sure that you can see where this is going, so I'll leave it at that.


Stephen R. Moore said...

sweet ride. let me know how the "mods" go!

xyberpix said...

Thanks man, really appreciate it. I will do, they're going to take a while, as the engine does need a bit of work first. I'm hoping to start the modding about December though.

Stephen R. Moore said...

What is wrong with the engine? Is it the straight 6 or the 8?

Also, we need to talk about VoIP... what books did you end up reading? If I remember correctly you had a posting on the GIAC AB about it.

xyberpix said...

Heh, just seen this one now.
It's the straight 6, and it just needs a bit of work and maybe a new front prop shaft, some new tyres, new antenna, air con reconditioning, so nothing major at all, but all in time.

In regard to the VoIP books, I'll get you a list soon mate.