05 August 2007


Okay, so I've had a Facebook account for a while now, maybe a month, but it's only this weekend that I've actually started making use of it, well the way that it's intended anyway. I know that I'm not the only person on the planet that can see the security issues with Facebook, Christ, there have even been posts online about how identity theft is getting a not so little helping hand from Facebook. I won't argue that I've been hooking up with people that I lost contact with about 10 or so years ago, and exchanging photp's with family members, but still, this really is a bomb waiting to go nuclear. I know that web developers in particular are getting smarter day by day to the ways of the the wiley hacker, but I still think that no matter how good your developers are, there is someone out there who is going to find a hole, and a major way to exploit it, and if they're lucky sell it on. So, even though I do have a bit of personal information on there, it's nothing anyone who actually knows how to use Google couldn't find, I say let the games begin!! Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman

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