04 April 2007

Going To Be A SANS Stay Sharp Instructor!

After passing my GCIH exams with 96% for both of them, I got a mail from Stephen Northcutt at SANS inviting me to be a SANS Stay Sharp and SANS Mentor Instructor. This happened when I passed my GSEC exams as well, but that kinda fell by the wayside for various reasons. This time however I am going to go for it, for those of you that don't know what the SANS Stay Sharp programs are they are basically short courses that range from about 3 hours to 3 days depending on the course. You cna get more info from the SANS Stay Sharp site here. So around the 20th of this month I am going to sign up for the "Defeating Rogue Access Points" course, and so long as I pass that one with a score of over 85%, I'll then be qualified to teach it, so you can expect some spam coming from me once I get through the exams about various training sessions that I'll be setting up in the Reading area, and maybe even London, we'll see how the demand goes. I'm planning on getting trained up on as many of the Stay Sharp courses as possible as it would be great to be able to offer some SANS courses in the UK. I know that SANS awareness is growing gradually in the UK, but it's just not as quickly as I'd like it to. So I'm going to do my best to make it grow a lot quicker. Later all, and apply that darn ANI patch.

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