18 January 2006

iPod Video 60GB

Well, I got one of these lovely little toys the other day, thankfully it came at just the right time as my Archos Jukebox was on it's last legs, and really wasn't going to last too much longer at all. I went for the white one, and well it really is a lovely little piece of kit. Considering I've never had an iPod before the scroll wheel takes a bit of getting used to, but after that it's such a breeze to use. The fact that it's 60GB in size as well is brilliant! So far I've managed to get all my mp3's, 3 videos and 2 video podcasts on it, as well as sync my address book and calender. The video version also comes with a few games on it, my fav of these has got to be the music game, it plays a few seconds of a song, and gives you 4 options to pick which song is currently playing. The longer you leave the song playing for, the less points you get. I thought that I really would've known my music a lot better than I do, I'll say that much. I am really paranoid about scratching the screen though, as right now it looks great and I really want to keep it that way, so roll on pay-day so that I can order a case for the thing. Video playback on the iPod video is truely amazing, I never would have thought that the quality would be as high as it is. My Archos Jukebox could play video, which when I got it was really cool, but the quality seriously sucked, and the size of the screen really didn't help matters either. Even though iPods are not the cheapest MP3 players on the market, I really doubt I'll ever buy another MP3 player that's not an iPod. I'm hoping that I never have to, but we'll have to see how technology changes in the coming years. If you're in the market for an MP3 player, head over to somewhere that'll let you play around on the iPod video for a few minutes and see what you think, I doubt you'll be disappointed.


Technocrat said...

Ohh, that Apple Corp has infected this once very smart FreeBSD geek. =)

xyberpix said...

OS X runs on top of a FreeBSD microkernel, so I'm still a FreeBSD geek, but only now I'm a lot more fussy ;-)